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Ocean Short Lanyard

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Trust me, we get it. You love the turtles. The little shells, wrinkly faces, and cute little flippers. Freakin’ adorable. I know what you’re thinking. “Please Mr. Product Description, tell me what I can do to save these cuddly creatures from the big bad scary pollution.” I am so glad you asked me random customer and fellow turtle lover. Get yourself a 1:21 Project Ocean Lanyard. Not only is this lanyard made from 100% recycled materials, but 21% of the profits goes directly towards ridding our oceans of pollutants and waste so that the turtles - and all other sea-birds, fish, and aquatic mammals – have a clean and livable habitat. One Lanyard = One Turtle saved. We can’t back that up statistically, but you can be confident that 1:21’s environmental missions are a heck of a lot more effective than a “get well soon” card to the turtles of the world.

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