The Story

The 121 Project was founded by a GCU student that had one goal: “Make the world a little bit better.” Now his mission is starting to blow up around Arizona and California, where people are starting to support the simple lanyard company by purchasing the eco-friendly lanyards. The small amount of support from each person is abeling the 121 project to host their first beach clean up mission to Indonesia this May. The company’s team is working with a group of locals, and teaching them about perseveration and conservation, and why it is important to take care of the world that we all live on.

            Austin, the CEO, and his team are constructing the lanyards from a material called RPET. The RPET is made from recycling plastic, and making that plastic into a fabric. The simple lanyards are both eco-friendly and stylish as they start to capture the attention of many people around GCU’s campus.

            The 121 Project is gaining traction with many of the students and there is rumor that the company is producing a new line of wrist lanyards, and adding a new design to the mix in the next coming weeks.

Be sure to check out their catalog and purchase your lanyard today. 

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