Understanding rPET

Understanding rPET


            rPET is the term used for recycled PET plastic. Which in essence is the most common type of plastic used today. PET is made from extracting crude oil and refining it into plastic for common goods, such as water bottles, or makeup containers.

            However, rPET is 100% recycled plastic that is shredded and melted down into a plastic like plasma. From this process, manufacturers can spin the plastic like plasma into threads and create polyester, or they can inject the plastic into molds for other products.

            Recycling PET plastic uses significantly less energy, and does not call for the addition of crude oil. This process uses 75% less energy than forming new plastic. It also keeps millions of pounds of plastic out of the environment and ecosystem. Recycling plastic into fibers creates soft durable fibers as well.

            121 decided to use rPET fabric for its lanyards because of its sustainability and positive impact it has on the environment around it. It is also a more cost effective alternative than using nylon or polyester fabrics, because of the recyclability of the fabric. Which in turn allows the company to make greater donations and spend more money in environmental cleanups around the world.

            Purchasing a 121 lanyard allows customers to make an impact on the environment and the world we live in, without sacrificing their daily lives. The purchase of a 121 lanyard empowers people to make a difference, and allocates resources to a skilled team of professionals who have dedicated their lives and time to go out and make and impact in the world.

            So from all of us here at The 121 Project, we thank you and our proud of customers for taking that small step to a more sustainable world.
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