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Mountain Short Lanyard

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Picture this… You’re out on a hike, communing with nature, galivanting through the tall grass. But suddenly, you take a wrong turn off the trail to cool your toes in a cool mountain stream. You realize you’re lost so you go to pull your compass out of your pocket so you can get back on track. But oh no! Somewhere along the way your compass, along with your safety whistle and car keys, has fallen out of the pocket of your nylon hiking pants. So now you are forced to find your way home using only the stars for navigation and the moon for light. I just hate when that happens. That’s the kind of stuff that really chaps my khakis. But thanks to my 1:21 Project Mountain Lanyard I don’t have to worry. Not only is it made from 100% recycled materials, gives back 21% of profit to fight deforestation, but it also keeps all my survival essentials safely around my neck and ready at a moment’s notice. Get yourself a 1:21 Mountain Lanyard so you can spend more time snacking on trail mix and conquering 14ers, and less time wondering if Bigfoot is going to have you as his midnight snack. 

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